Is your five-to-eight-year-old thinking about playing an instrument?

If your school or group of friends pull together six or more children, we can run a ukulele class for you.

This is a fun, relaxed setting as well as a great stepping stone for young children; ukulele is a great predecessor to guitar and other instruments. Classes include singing and movement, rhythmic strumming, and team turn-taking games. Kids will learn three to five chords that they can play while singing familiar songs and riveting new ones. They can learn to play the melody of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Activities teach the basics of ukulele, while also giving young kids the opportunity to continue their core music development. Class introduces terms for important contrasting musical qualities, the major scale, and, in some cases, rhythm notation. Adult caregivers are cordially invited to participate if they wish; most choose to, because class is delightful and the learning is infectious.