Schedule a Drop-in!

First time? We are happy to show you around Music Together®, Canta y Baila Conmigo®, or Rhythm Kids when you come to your scheduled drop-in. We limit the number of drop-ins to insure the quality of class for the registrants. Drop-ins are $20. If you choose to stay for this same semester, the cost of your drop-in is applied against tuition. 

Heads up: in all fairness, it is wise to register for the semester so you can guarantee your space, give your child a chance to relax into knowing the classmates, and get the colorful songbook and delicious recorded music as well as unlimited makeup policy.

If your child has special needs, please email us a heads-up so that we can serve you best.

Questions? or call (617) 410-MUSE; (617) 410-6873.