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MacKenzie Center/Newton Centre

1337 Centre Street
Newton Center, MA 02459


From the corner of Beacon and Centre Street, take Centre Street southwards one big block, staying on the right side of the street. When you see Holly Cleaners on your left and Sacred Heart Parish on your right, turn right onto Crescent Street (just after the church). Take your next left into the parking lot of the Mackenzie Center, which is the social hall associated with the church. You may park here for class despite the signs, but please do not park here before or after class for a Newton-Center-excursion! Enter through the North door--the door which is on your left as you face the building from the parking lot. Strollers, if any, can be left here in the entry. Come up a half-flight of stairs, cross the stage, turn right to come through the large meeting room and across to the small classroom, which is ours. No food or drink in the classroom, please. Please remove any shoes that walk around outdoors. 


There is a diaper-changing table; please take diapers out of the building with you.
After class, please remove your car from the lot promptly.

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