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Auburndale Hybrid (Zoom in late November)

104 West Pine Street
Newton, MA 02466

Auburndale Cove has plenty of parking and is delightfully shady, and breezy right on the Charles River.  We'll be outdoors as long as the weather holds; we expect to move to Zoom around mid-November, and also on any isolated date when weather is dangerous. We're tough, and Nordic folks let infants nap outdoors every afternoon all winter, so for ordinary chill and drizzle, we bundle up and meet outdoors. At one hour before each class, we will confirm whether the class will be outdoors or via Zoom. IT IS UP TO YOU TO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK-IN. Please opt in to texts from us. Otherwise, the message will arrive by email.

Take West Pine Street to the end; there's plenty of parking on your right in a huge lot. We're near the tennis courts. 

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Auburndale Hybrid (Zoom in late November)