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Our specialists bring play-based, developmentally-appropriate best practices to your classroom. We bring engaging instruments, involve children in group process, and include gross motor activities every time. Your classroom teachers gradually become more and more comfortable leading music activities in their daily lesson plan. Your children sing the narration of their imaginative play activities. Contact our office to discuss weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time special event arrangements.

We can adapt the world-renowned Music Together® curriculum to your school or custom-design a curriculum for your preschool's needs. 


  At Second Church Nursery School, for example, we choose thematic music for fine motor, large motor, instruments, props, and pre-literacy, adapting for English language learners and other special needs,  in consultation with director and teachers.

Boston College Children's Center chooses to take advantage of our international, award-winning Music Together curriculum. At BCCC, Music Together Preschool Specialists, including Julia Priest, and trained classroom teachers provide weekly music and movement activities which the rest of the classroom teachers adapt to their daily curriculum needs and interests. Illustrated songbooks, CDs, and teaching materials are available for classroom use each day so that the fun of singing, dancing and playing rhythm instruments becomes a core of each group's routine and infuses every curriculum area, from math, science, and language to social skills and gross motor development. In addition, every family at the preschool takes home two copies of this semester's professional, world-class Music Together CD and the matching songbook with award-winning illustrations and family activity suggestions. Each family also gets:

  • a DVD and booklet helping parents to nurture their children's music development
  • an informative--and visually appealing--growth chart of developmental milestones in rhythm and song
  • an optional subscription to the E-newsletter Play Along from Music Together's international offices.

See video of Music Together Preschool curriculum in action.

Learn how making music together supports every kind of learning.

Meet NAEYC standards easily by implementing Music Together Preschool.

Read research findings from Music Together at Action for Bridgeport Community Development in Connecticut.

Twice a year at the BCCC, the whole school including parents, staff, children, and even older siblings and cousins come together as a community with Julia to celebrate musically. At these events, children form powerful life-long memories of active music participation as modelled by the adults they respect the most.

"Hi Julia, thank you again for a year of beautiful music together! I appreciate all of the care & thoughtfulness you put sharing your love with us:) The Music Together picnic was wonderful. Both parents & teachers expressed their delight. You're going to love the photos. . . definitely worth a thousand words." --Molly Kerrigan, lead teacher, Boston College Children's Center, June 2015

"Thank you so much for coming to Our Lady's Academy Pre K Classes last week! Everyone had a wonderful time and I have heard from many families about how much their children liked it. Have a wonderful summer and hope to see you again next school year!" --Our Lady's Academy, June 2014

Our colleague Daisy Klaber of Pennsylvania explains: "The joy of music-making at home and at school creates a natural cycle of learning that builds positive, meaningful relationships among children, parents, siblings, extended family members, teachers and staff. Parents: Sing and dance with your child outside of school--regardless of what you perceive to be your degree of musical skill or know-how. And join us for the family sing-along event at school, too! Remember that you are your child's most important person. If you’re doing it and having fun, you’re doing it right."