What People Are Saying About Us

Hear from parents and teachers about what makes Music Together® unique:

"My son started this class around 12 months and continues to go now at 22 months. I was always sold on the concept of teaching music at an early age and have always enjoyed the class. My son would love to listen to music and dance at home but because he is shy and a little slow to warm up he was very reserved in our music class and clung to me for much of it, generally warming up in the last 10 minutes or so. I'm so glad I continued to enroll him though because even though I was at times uncertain of whether he was actually benefiting from a social standpoint I can honestly say now that there is no doubt he did and continues to! My shy guy now loves going to music and excitedly participates in the entire class. Today he was bouncing and dancing along before the music even started and he is so much more comfortable interacting with other kids then he used to be. I truly recommend this class for all kids for the various benefits that include cognitive skills, social skills and of course musical skills!"

Anna, Music Together mom

"We absolutely love this music class. We have tried three other music classes and none could keep my daughter engaged and interested like this one. Since we started I have seen an amazing musical improvement. My 2-1/2 year-old learned all the songs and her language skills also developed significantly. She now makes music with almost anything; even the container at the airport security point was turned into a drum! Thank you for such an awesome class."

Regina, Mia's Mom

"We have been doing Music Together for nearly two years now and we love it! My sons love going to class to sing, dance and play instruments. At home, I hear them sing the songs to themselves and even my three-year-old makes up his own lyrics to the tunes. My now six-year-old can play songs by ear on the piano! I feel like Music Together ingrained a strong musical sense in him. Also, our teacher has a wonderful way of making everyone feel at home together and gives helpful tips and facts to us parents about music education for our kids. All in all, it's a blast!"

Jocelyn, Music Together Mom

"Sadie is having such a wonderful wonderful time in your ukulele class and she feels very proud of herself for overcoming her worries about coming to the new class. Your nonchalant approach to her has been priceless--we are so so grateful to you. You've given Sadie another 'notch in her belt' that says, 'I was nervous about doing something with new people and I did it and I loved it!'"

Heather, Newton mom

"My grandson Matthew recently spent four days in the hospital with respiratory distress and his Music Together songs were quite useful to him. When I first got to see him they had him laid out on the bed and were working on an IV. Matthew had the look of being totally overwhelmed (as did Mom and Dad). I went over to him gave him a hug and started singing Ladybug, one of my favorite songs from our class CD. Matthew smiled and relaxed immediately; we went on to other songs with him trying to chime in, but the important part was he was focused on the singing and not the needles, tubing and taping that were going onto his hand. 

The next day he had 10 vials of blood taken and of course the vein collapsed so they had to try the other arm. I happened to be on duty once again and we got through the whole episode with Trot Old Joe, and the nurses trotted right along with us! Nary a tear was shed or a wail made as Matthew focused on the song.

What IV behaves itself? Matthew's surely did not and a team came in to try to figure the problem out. We struck up with Open and Shut Them, with Matthew gallantly doing the song's movements with his one free arm. At one point a nurse said "We have a problem here, can you keep singing?" Sing we did. It took them 15 minutes of poking and prodding around his poor hand, but Matthew held his arm still for them and even managed a smile or two at the song's punchline!

So you have another reason why Music Together is so good for little ones: it gives them rhythms of comfort in times of great stress. Happily, Matthew is home and we are all hoping there is no repeat in the future. Looking forward to seeing our teacher again this coming semester."

Music Together Grandma

"I love your class! I feel very comfortable in it and you make it such a lovely atmosphere of acceptance and also openness so that everyone can be a child again and enjoy the 'serious' play! I really do want to have my older daughter enroll in a future class too. She sings all the songs in the back of the car when we are driving and even asks for them by name, such as the camel song, or choo choo song. I couldn't be happier to be sharing something so positive with my kids. Thank you for all the fun you provide me and my children. I can hear all the music whether at home, in the car or in your class, and am learning the words too and I love the way you sing and play them in class."

Deanna, Newton Mom

"Music Together classes bring together so many positive elements for children and their families: time together singing, dancing, and playing; encouragement to make every day activities more fun and musical; socialization with other children and adults that helps children learn about turn-taking and group participation; and joyful creativity and interaction that support essential brain development. I am so grateful that my children and I got to experience many years of Music Together."

Amy Behrens, Parent Coach/PCI

"We absolutely loved the session. The kids were engaged and actively participated. Julia was awesome and pulled together a great session, very balanced. Parents loved it as well, and keep telling me how much their kids enjoyed it. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and birthday for my princess."

Newton Parent

"I want to let you know what a wonderful experience it was to have [a Music and Movement of Newton teacher] at Silvia's 2nd birthday party! It was such a success. I had excellent feedback from all the guests. [The teacher's] love of music, beautiful voice, energy and enthusiasm were contagious. Everyone loved the experience, especially the children. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. We will all cherish our memories of this special birthday celebration." 

Yvonne Angell

"Just a note of thanks for a great year of music with my grandson. We were primarily with [a teacher] whose joyful enthusiasm, beautiful voice, musical talent and lovely way with a roomful of toddlers made for a great experience for me (and sometimes Jared's mom and even my husband for one class) and Jared. Jared loves the class (and teacher) and listens to the CD's in both my and his parent's cars. He has really learned to listen, pay attention, and follow directions while getting music "into his bones".


"I wanted to thank you for a great year of music! Baia really enjoyed it; I think the drums, bells, shakers, etc. have really helped her to both develop her personality, and increase her gross motor skills, which we've been working on. Amy, you have been absolutely wonderful! I watch Baia when you lead the class and she cannot take her eyes off you! You're talented (which I knew when we took our first Isis class and which is why we followed you to Music Together), supportive and nurturing. Thank you for offering this amazing music class. It's been such a bright part of both my and Baia's week."


Janna Strand, Dedham mom

"I just wanted to give you a shout out and tell you that you are INCREDIBLE. You are amazing with the kids and you have such a sweet gift of a beautiful voice, good energy and a big heart. You brought lots of smiles, warmth and joy in every mamas heart. Thanks again!"

Stephanie Boggs, preschool mom

"Music Together has been so great for our family. We organically sing about many of the activities we are doing to the tune of Music Together songs (even my husband, who is not the regular Music Together parent attendee) and my son, who will be two in a few weeks, has begun singing spontaneously. He particularly likes to sing the Hello song, and often sings enthusiastically in the bathtub. Neither my husband nor I felt particularly musical before Music Together, so we are very thankful for the way the program has helped us all to grow in our comfort with and love of music!"

Brigid, Newton Mom

"Five stars for: expertise; communication; professionalism; fair price; adaptability. Loved the birthday party! Julia was fabulous with the kids--we had a range of ages from 6 months to 6 years and they all had a blast. Julia has tons of energy and the kids loved her. Highly recommend!"

Kate, Newton Mom

"I love that you know the science behind everything you teach. The kids love that they are free to be creative and move with the music as they feel. I'm telling you--it really makes me cringe when other music classes scorn kids wandering away from the laps of the adult. Isn't music supposed to encourage movement?"

Deborah, Newton Mom

"Deborah, our nanny was very happy and impressed with the class -- we took Anya to three other class demos but didn't like them much but thankfully this one did the trick! Anya, my husband and I love the songs!!!! I cannot get the Rabbit song out of my head...I keep walking and repeating yes ma'am! :)"

Vida, Newton Mom

"We are fascinated with our class. Anais, who is shy and never before was really engaged in any music together class is having so much fun. During the week she asks me how much longer until class, and on Thursdays she chooses to wear a specially nice dress, because she wants to be pretty in the class and she wants her dress to move nicely while she dances. We are so happy with [our teacher]! She is really amazing. The connection with her was immediate: her personality, her voice, and the way she moves--she is really an inspiration!!"

Maria, Newton Mom

"Tyger has been dancing and singing to the CD all day. I think he even has his favorite songs. [My wife] Jacqui assures me that we have the guide, and I will read it. Your e-mail came just after I read a Globe article about how much more TV babies under age two are watching. It is scary how quickly they become absorbed. Music Together is such a refreshing alternative."

Newton Dad

"Wow! Koji is sure lucky. Today he received the best birthday present from you. Koji will be very happy. He can meet [his teacher] again. As you know, [his teacher] plays guitar and many other instruments in class. Because of [his teacher], Koji loves guitar so much. He has a 23" guitar at home and he always sings and plays and pretends he is [his teacher]. Besides, we love the Wells Ave classroom too, it is big and bright. As administration, you handled [our schedule change] very well. Thanks again for caring us."

Sharen, Newton Mom

"We started taking music classes with you when my son was just a baby, and we took one official "baby" class with you in Newton Center. We've continued with Laura and it's been great. My son loves to dance to our Music Together collection at home! He'll be going to preschool in the fall and we plan to continue with Music Together on his off-day and bring his baby brother who is due at the end of April."

Newton Mom

"We march around the house to music all the time; in particular we take out tupperware and use them as drums to 'Playin in the Kitchen'. We were just out getting some errands done and Eliot looked in the window of a store and saw vegetables. He pointed at a cabbage and said 'Look Mama, cauliflower.' I corrected him, sharing that it was a cabbage, to which he responded by singing the cabbage part of the 'John the Rabbit' song! Also, whenever we climb stairs somewhere and I ask the boys to climb slowly, they inevitably begin the snail/mouse chant. The boys love the music and look forward to the class during the week. They aren't always 'on' in class, but we play the CDs (old & new) all the time at home and in the car and they know the songs and words inside & out. I'm convinced that they are as verbal as they are at 2 years, because of all the exposure to the songs (and other music we play). In fact, they are accustomed to having the music themes connect to everything to the extent that the other day they were helping wash vegetables and Eliot asked for the asparagus song. Sadly, I don't know an asparagus song, but we might have to replace tomatoes or sweet potatoes with asparagus to entertain him ;-) Personally, I love the 'This Train' song and was moved to do some online research about the history of the song, thinking that it must be connected to Negro Spirituals and the Underground Railroad. Indeed, it is."

Michelle, Newton Mom

"Class smoothes over tensions from the day's (or week's) tantrums and power struggles and lets me reconnect with the child I'm bringing to class. Music Together gives us a safe place for bonding and music fun no matter what else is going on."

Newton Nanny

"We can't drive in the car without a Music Together recording playing. . .I think one of the reasons my child is so verbal and musical at an early age is he went to Music Together as an infant. He goes to sleep at night with the music on. Whenever he starts to fuss, I just sing and he is readily distracted and re-directed. We dance all the time to the CD's. . . I think I love it more than the kids. . . Music is one of our tricks to having happy children."

Nancy, Newton Mom

"It is such a wonderful activity for us, because it includes both my toddler and my pre-schooler!"

Newton Parent

"Your classes have been great for my child--
they've helped him with language,  movement, socializing, and of course, music."

Newton Parent

"Both our children are well on their way to a life-long enjoyment of music. They have really loved your classes, and their voices singing the Music Together songs have become our family musical album."

Newton Parent

"My son was sick this week, and was really cranky and whiny this morning.
I put on one of his Music Together CD's, and his whole mood changed immediately!"

Newton Parent

"Music Together, I think, is partly responsible for both of my children's verbal as well as musical development and self esteem. Keep up the great work!"

Newton Dad

"I am so grateful to have Music Together in my life and my child's life. It has been a healing and life-affirming experience for me."

Newton Parent

"I've started singing more confidently, more often, and more in tune. I realize that I really love singing! Thank you for that gift."

Newton Parent

"I've been enjoying watching my daughters dance together with scarves to the Drum CD and can tell that they are picking up the different rhythm patterns without even realizing it. My little one is also starting to enjoy copying tonal patterns she hears on the CD and as a game we play together. Thank you for this great program! As you can tell, I am so glad that we found your program and hope we can find something like it in Portugal. We'll miss you!"

Amy, Newton Mom

"THANK YOU!!!!! Yesterday's class was one of the highlights of being Shira's mom!"

D'vora, Newton Mom

"You have never seen a 7-month-old more into music than my daughter Katie. We play your CD every night and the kids love it; I love it; my husband loves it. We have it in the car and at home. We went away for a weekend and before I left the kids with my mother, I handed her our Music Together CD and said, 'If you get to a point where don't know what to do, put this on.' When we got back, my mother told me, 'I was at my wits' end; the kids were losing it, and I remembered what you said so I turned on the CD and suddenly Katie was scooting across the floor, shaking her bum, and Henry was up dancing--it turned the situation around.' We love our teacher as well & that is unanimous: children, moms & nannies, we all are amazed at how wonderful she is. It is refreshing to see someone who truly found a career that is more of a life calling than a job & it shows. Music Together has been a lifesaver for me having two kids under the age of two - it is the ideal class for children of any age. Thank you!"

Newton Mom

"We love taking classes with Laura. She has a wonderful, gentle, playful way with the children, a beautiful voice, and an amazing ability to play many instruments."

Newton Mom

"Laura is very energetic and fun, has a good understanding of toddler development and keeps things lively!!"

Newton Mom

"I just wanted to say thank you. My daughter KellyAnn and I really enjoyed the Bongos and Bells sessions with Laura. We just moved back out of Boston and will miss the music classes. It is a wonderful program and we had a great time in class each week."

Newton Mom

"Music class for us has been wonderful. Violetta truly blossomed from when she began class. Now that she is walking and talking I think she would just love it even more because she can dance on her own!"

Julie, Newton mom

"I just wanted to weigh in, too. Music Together has been the soundtrack of my life for the past 18 months. Both my sons take classes (2 and 4 1/2). It is hard for me to articulate just how much this program has meant to my boys. The CDs are on CONSTANTLY. We sing the songs when we're playing, getting dressed, cleaning up toys. It's been a powerful force for us. Music was never an interest before we started with Music Together, and now I feel like it's nutrition for them. I probably sound like I work for them -- I don't -- I just love the program. We like Julia and Laura as teachers."

Kelly Wallask, Newton Mom