Terms and Conditions

Health and Safety in the era of Covid:

As consideration for Music and Movement of Newton allowing you to attend an in-person class, you agree that as you arrive and leave class, you will keep your child(ren) with you. You agree that everyone in your group over two years of age will wear a mask when arriving and leaving, and whenever at risk of getting closer than six feet to the other participants and teacher. You agree to retrieve your child(ren) immediately if they leave your family's seating location moving in the direction of other participants, and to have a mask ready to don whenever you are forced to retrieve your child from near other participants.

You also agree to the following statements: 

ASSUMPTION OF THE RISKS: I understand that naturally occurring disease processes (including, but not limited to, the novel coronavirus or COVID-19), may exist in the community, and present an inherent risk that cannot be eliminated 100% even though we are outdoors and seated extremely far apart. I acknowledge that, although Music and Movement of Newton is adhering to and exceeding all guidelines as outlined by the CDC to avoid contact, transmittal, and exposure of disease processes between people in our class, it is ultimately my responsibility to ensure that I and my child take appropriate actions to safe-guard ourselves. I understand and agree that as a registrant of this class, I am accepting the inherent risk that I could be exposed to an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19. 

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: I, on behalf of myself and my child hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue Music and Movement of Newton and its owners, managers, members, employees, agents, and volunteers (“Released Parties”) for any claims that may arise out of or relate in any way to my or my child’s exposure to any communicable disease, including but not limited to the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. The claims hereby released include, but are not limited to, claims of negligence against any of the Released Parties. 


We reserve the right to dismiss a family when, in the sole discretion of Music and Movement of Newton, the family cannot be served with safety and with respect for the rights of other class-members. Dismissal is accompanied by a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the semester less the semester's registration fee and $50.

Media Release

I authorize  Music and Movement of Newton, LLC to take photographs and video recordings of my child, their caregiver, or both child/caregiver together. I authorize you to use my name, biography, likeness, voice and performance for the purposes of research, public relations, advertising and education. The photographs and video recordings may be edited in your sole discretion, and I authorize Music and Movement of Newton, your agents, employees, licensees, affiliates, clients, principals, representatives and assigns the right to copyright and use for any lawful purpose, in whole or in part, through any media including the internet and other online sources, photographs, photographic negatives, motion picture films and/or video, audio tapes, recording prints, illustrations, pictures and drawings of any kind, internet video clips, transcriptions, containing scenes of me; all without inspection or further consent or approval of the finished product of the use to which it may be applied. 

Music and Movement of Newton, LLC is committed to promoting advancement in the field of early childhood music and movement education. I acknowledge that Music and Movement of Newton, LLC is the sole owner of all rights to any and all video and photographs taken during a Music and Movement of Newton class, for all purposes throughout the world in perpetuity.

I agree to hold you and any third parties harmless, in connection with my participation in the program, against any liability, loss or damage by or arising from any use of my appearance in photo or video taken in class, of any utterance made by me or material furnished by me in connection with my participation.

I understand that to OPT OUT of this media release, I must email Music and Movement of Newton at info@musictogethernewton.com.

Refunds, Cancellations, and Discounts

Refunds (less the $20 registration fee) are only available before the first day of class unless the class is canceled. If a class is canceled your tuition, including the registration fee, will be refunded in full. No refunds will be provided for a missed drop-in, but the drop-in may be rescheduled with no additional fee by emailing info@musictogethernewton.com

Most discounts are automatically applied when you register online, but we cannot guarantee that the discounts will be applied properly in every situation. We will gladly offer a credit or refund if you have been overcharged, but we also reserve the right to collect additional tuition if discounts are applied in a scenario we did not anticipate.